Coal Fired Power Plants

About the Product

Coal Fired Power Plants

Coal-fired power plants represent the largest share of the global power generation market. This is because their fuel, coal, is abundant and relatively inexpensive. They can be designed for very high electric output.

Steam masters is going to participate in many coal-fired power plant projects around the Pakistan, providing a comprehensive engineering package that includes the fabrication and design of key equipment such as boilers, turbines and generators as well as the construction and commissioning of the facilities.

Working Scope
EPC contraction, including:

Site geological survey

Design and Engineering

Supplying complete set of equipment

Civil works and Installation

Test, Commissioning and Training Our Distinctions


Plant reliability standards will be equivalent to a l-day generation forced outage in 10 years with equipment quality and redundancy selected during plant design to conform to this standard


Power plant arrangement will permit reasonable access for operation and maintenance of equipment. Careful attention will be give to the arrangement of equipment, valves, mechanical specialties, and electrical devices so that rotors, tube bundles, inner valves, top works, strainers, contractors, relays, and such items can be maintained or replaced.

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