Hydro Booster Pumps

About the Product

Hydro Booster Pumps For industrial, firefighting & Domestic Usage


Lowest electric consumption per cubic meter water.

The discharge pressures will constant.

Inlet and outlet flexible connections.

Lowest sound level.

Dry run protection.

Stainless steel pressure tank.

Optional mobile package.

The booster sets are manufactured as package booster systems and complies whichever requirements by industrial, commercial and domestic users. Stainless steel (single and multistage) centrifugal pumps assure the highest quality of drinking water. A non return valve is provided to assure the water is not being pumped back into suction line and to prevent the build-up pressure from back flow into the mains supply or receiver tank. The booster sets have two shut-off valves per pump (suction and discharge) to enable maintenance the water supply. Two headers are provided to connect the parallel configuration of the pumps a central suction as well as discharge. The headers up to 2’’ are provided with threaded connections and, collar flange ends for above 2’’.The booster sets are controlled by one differential pressure switch with only 4.5 PSI pressure difference between cut-in and cut-out.An analogue pressure transmitter with adjustable range controls the large industrial booster and fire fighting booster sets. The booster sets are fully protected against running dry by means of a pressure switch, pressure sensor, and float switch or other devices.

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