Biomass Step grate Boiler

About the Product

Biomass Step grate Boiler

Biomass by Steam Boiler


Capacity 2 -35 TPH

Multiple Biomass fuel options are available

Fuel’s with High Moisture up to 55 – 60% can be fired

Replacement of grate Bar is very easy

Resistance in High Temp and low wear & tear

Spares are easily available is in house and are economical


Reciprocal Grate Boiler is another name of reciprocating grate boiler. As a biomass boiler, reciprocal grate boiler is suitable for burning wood dust, straw, bagasse, palm fibre, rice husk. Biomass fuel is a renewable fuel, which has less sulphur and ash, as well as less SO2 and dust emission.
There are many kinds of biomass fuel, including pellet type, briquette type and bulk type. The waste from wood processing plant, such as bark and sawdust, is often used in bulk type. However, the moisture of the waste is 50% or higher, and the calorific value is very low. Thus it is difficult to burn it effectively with conventional biomass boiler. Therefore, we developed a combined reciprocal grate boiler with different inclination angles. The new biomass boiler can adapt to the combustion of such biomass fuel with high moisture and low heating value.


Biomass Step grate Boiler Biomass Step grate Boiler by steam masters

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