Hot Water Boiler

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HOT WATER BOILER by steam masters


A boiler body built from high quality steel, the front tube sheet is flanged to the combustion chamber using RSB procedures. The concave rear plate rather than a flat surface, offers a better resistance to external pressure

Cylindrical reverse flame combustion chamber, supported by a submerged nozzle; the flame is positioned centrally within the chamber, whilst the hot gases return to the front of the furnace forming a second pass within the furnace, with the hot gases being conveyed through the tube bundle to the rear smoke box

EN10217-2 P235GH smoke tubes welded to tube plates, fitted with special helical turbulators

The rear smoke box, manufactured from thermally insulated steel sheets, con- structed in one piece that can be easily opened and that allows smoke tube in- sections, fastened with bolts, equipped with chimney connection and cleaning door


Our Hot water Boiler employs a cylindrical concentric combustion chamber with reverse flame, a blind furnace completely supported by a submerged nozzle projection welded into the rear tubeplate facilitating a fully submersed wet back. The boiler is designed to be used in systems with water temperature between 60 and 100 °C (safety thermostat set at 110 °C). 3 stars classification according to 92/42/EEC directive in compliance with 192/05 and 311/06 Legislation

HOT WATER BOILER diagram by steam masters


HOT WATER BOILER table by steam masters

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