Diesel Storage Tanks

About the Product

Diesel Storage Tanks

Diesel Storage Tanks by steam masters


Capacity 1000L - 50000L

Anti Corrosive

Medium: oil (petroleum chemical raw materials, etc)

Anti-Static, Fire control measures

Tank shall be constructed on stainless steel and mild steel

Vertically/ horizontally configuration, depending on customer need


When the physical size limit of a sub-base fuel tank simply isn’t enough, a day-tank could be a viable option. A day-tank functions as the immediate fuel source, receiving fuel from a larger fuel storage tank. It can be a stand-alone tank mounted in proximity to the generator, or it could be a sub-base tank with provisions to be used as a day-tank. In either case, a day-tank is typically designed to contain a small amount of fuel which is automatically replenished through the use of pumps and controls.

Diesel Storage Tanks diagram by steam masters


DIESEL STORAGE TANKS by steam masters

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