Coal Fired Thermal Oil Heater

About the Product

Coal Fired Thermal Oil Heater​

COAL FIRED THERMAL by steam masters


Capacity 1 Mkcal to 15 Mkcal

Lower operating pressure

Higher operating temperature

High thermal efficiency

Easy to operate, safe & reliable

Complete operational control & safety


Coal fired thermal oil heater is the packaged forced circulation chain grate boiler. Front section of boiler body is the hearth radiation heating area consisting of closely-aligned double-square coils. The rear section is the convection flush heating area of S-shaped tube bank. Boiler is structured into the body drum on the combustion chamber, which shall be assembled on site. Air preheater is mounted at the rear of boiler. Heat from the boiler is used to heat the air required for the boiler combustion in the air preheater. Finally fume exhausts outside with chimney vie the dust collector and draught fan.

  • Simple installation and short installation Period. Just combine the upper body with lower combustion chamber.
  • Hearth consists of double closely-aligned coils to ensure the sufficient heating area and reduce heat load of pipe and handle the heat conduction oil safely.
  • Reasonable medium flow. Heat conduction oil flows from the lower inlet to the upper outlet.
  • Fume can stay in the hearth long enough for better combustion due to the sound design of furnace arch.
  • Heating area in the diversion fume chamber will avoid the partition being directly flushed from hot fume to effectively prevent the fume short circuit from the falling partition debris
coal fired thermal oil heater by steam masters


  • Drying process
  • Ink drying
  • Industrial bakery
  • Lubricants
  • Heating of ironers
  • Sludge drying


COAL FIRED THERMAL table by steam masters

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