Expansion Tank

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Expansion Tank

Expansion Tank by steam masters


Expansion Tanks are fabricated in accordance with ASME to assure quality and performance.

They are available either painted or galvanized in sizes from 15 GAL. to 500 GAL. Capacity. Optional saddles for horizontal installation are also available.

Maximum Working Pressure: 125 Psi.

Maximum Operating Temperature: 375° F.

Interior epoxy coating is permanently bonded to the tank shell for ultimate protection on the water side of the water heater expansion tank.


If the fluid temperature in the system rises, fluid volume will increase resulting in rise in pressure and possibility of damage to the system. By incorporating an expansion tank into system, the increase in fluid volume may be contained until the fluid temperature has reduced and fluid volume returns to its initial level. A sealed system normally operates at a pressure of about 1 Bar above atmospheric pressure; this pressure is achieved by a filling loop connected from the mains fluid supply to the system. A pressure release valve allows for the system to be pressurized as required. To avoid potential damage by excess pressure within the system an expansion tank is required to incorporate in system so that any excess pressure is controlled

  • Maximum working pressure 125 PSIG
  • Maximum operating temperature 350 C
Expansion Tank by steam masters


EXPANSION TANK table by steam masters

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