Coal Fired Steam SZL Boiler

About the Product

Coal Fired SZL Steam Boiler

SZL Bolier by steam masters


Capacity 2 -10 TPH

Reasonable flue gas speed

Big and tall boiler furnace can be designed according to the different fuel to improve the burning

Compact structure, small installation space, single-floor boiler room, cost-effective infra- structure.

Electric control cabinet is equipped with complete automatic control and monitor instruments


Coal Fired Boiler DZL by steam masters

Taishan SZL series steam boiler is the single-drum, water-tube assembly, chain grate boiler. Boiler drum is arranged along the center of the boiler longitudinally. The front drum and both sides of the furnace water-wall tubes become radiant heating surface, the rear drum and the tube become convection heating surface. Coal economizer is installed at the rear of boiler. After some heat of the combustion-generated high temperature fume is absorbed by the hearth, the fume flows to the convection heating surface through burn out chamber and exhausts outside through the chimney via coal economizer, dust collector and draught fan.


Coal Fired Boiler DZL diagram by steam masters


SZL series table by steam masters

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